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Next Gen Leaders Strike Back

Family-owned businesses are some of the most significant economic contributors in many countries across the globe, with the Family Firm Institute (FFI) estimating that family enterprises comprise two-thirds of all businesses, generate between 70 and 90% of global GDP, and are responsible for hiring at least half of the workforce globally. These numbers are even more pronounced in Asia, where small and medium-sized family-owned enterprises are extremely common.

Being in the responsible position to carry on the family business and the legacy, what can we, the next generation do differently to sustain and grow the business in the next few decades? The new business model, new technology, new customer behaviour, new investment opportunities etc have been changing the landscape of the way how our early founders do business. It’s our time now, we need to be ready and be well equipped with the new knowledge and ideas to run & change the “traditional” business.

Innovatif+ is the platform for the next generation of family business leaders to discover & learn on new frontier business innovation solutions to sustain & grow their business and discover new investment opportunities. Also, to spark global collaboration & exchange ideas and resources.

Main key focus are:

  1. Learn & discover investment opportunities from the investment experts like the VC on how to invest into startups
  2. How to incorporate startups / innovative culture into our traditional business culture?
  3. How to form the family offices?
  4. What innovative solutions that will help our business to move into the new future?
  5. Discover “WealthTec”
  6. Turning the Heritage Wealth to New Smart Wealth


CreatifPlus Sdn. Bhd., also known as the Asia Innovative Agency was founded by Mei Tan and Steve Wee. Both Malaysians who were away separately in the United States and Singapore had moved back to Malaysia to run their own businesses and start their entrepreneurship journey. With the urge of connecting Malaysia to the world and globalising the businesses, they had realised the importance of innovation in business and entrepreneurship.

Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs with sustainable knowledge and tools, so that they can build a sustainable business to go global. All of these is achievable through events like INNOVATIF+, various services and the workshops we provide.

Journey of Innovation in Life